Saturday, 29 August 2015

Finding the right chair...

Whether it be for your bedroom, lounge room or study we know an armchair is an important piece of furniture in any room. So finding the right chair to suits your needs can be tricky. At Bedhead Design we can help you find- design your perfect chair.
We custom make chairs in any size, shape and in any fabric. We can make a design from a drawing, photo, magazine or even design you one from scratch. Custom made in Sydney we ensure your chair is of the highest quality and built to last.  Below are a few designs we have made for clients over the years…
The Esquire armchair looks fantastic with our Mirrabelle bed head or our Issabella upholstered headboard
Custom made Esquire  bedroom chair from Bedhead Design designed to match our Issabella headboard
custom made to order in Sydney this Esquire chair is upholstered in 100% Belgium Linen
The Esquire chair is one of our best sellers. It is modern, simple and has clean lines that wont date. More as a feature chair than a mushy comfortable chair. It will dress up a bedroom and show case a beautiful fabric. The upholstered back and seat is dense padding so it is a firm and sleek design. The Esquire chair looks fabulous with our Issabella and Mirrabelle bedhead design as well as our Lord John wing back bed head. The buttoning on those headboards mimic that of the Esquire chair.

Like all our custom made chairs they are available in any fabric you like and any shape or colour legs. Some of our clients have also added arms so it is easier to get out of. 
The Esquire chair is perfect for the bedroom or lounge room, elegant and simple it will suit most styles of decorating.

If you are looking for something more comfortable and classic we suggest the Napoleon or one of our Bergere chairs.

The Napoleon armchair is a beautiful design, leaning towards more of a classic feel with the deep diamond buttoned detail. The Napoleon is perfect to snuggle up in and read a book, it is big and has padded arms for extra comfort. Great as a bedroom chair or in the lounge room for the whole family to enjoy. The Napoleon chair looks beautiful in sit-you with our Lilly deep diamond buttoned upholstered headboard or our Lilly wing back bedhead, both creature the elegant deep diamond buttoning detail.

The Napoleon armchair looks beautiful in the bedroom with our Lilly wingback headboardMade to order to match the Lilly bed head

The bergere chair has exquisite detail with its hand carved european beech frame
A custom hand pained finished in distressed white is seen on this frame.
The Bergere chair is timeless, a classic design that will never date. Available with polished frame or with a custom painted finish. The seat is a foam cushion with feather wrap to make a very comfortable mushy seat. The reason we use a foam core with the feather is so you wont need to continue fluffing up the feathers it will remain looking plump always.
Hand painted special finish on our bergere frame

The our bergere arm chairs have exquisite detail with its hand carved European beech frame.  Available with a custom hand painted finish or polished as seen in the matching footstool below.

Polished European beech is a stunning finish, it shows the natural beauty and colour of the hand carved frame.

Removable loose cover
Our clients come to us often with photos or magazine clippings of chairs they love and we replicate them in our clients choice of fabric and to their own specifications.

 Some designs we make are pictured below. All can have custom loose covers which are very practical and popular.
Small bedroom chair

This round tub chair has a removable loose cover as seen in the image above. Easily removed the loose cover is so practical especially for kids and pets.
Our traditional wing back armchair has been around for years and will remain a classic and timeless chair for years to come. Its big arms and wings make it look so inviting. Easy to get in and out of it is popular for people with back pain, we can also customise it so the measurements suit your height. The wing back armchair is the chair which inspired our Chloe wing back bed head and our Lord John wing back headboard.

Another modern chair design similar to our Esquire bedroom chair.

Have a custom made chair or bedhead made in Sydney with top quality materials from Bedhead Design. Call 02 9690 2345 to enquire, or visit our showroom and view our beautiful products in person.

Monday, 10 November 2014


Good afternoon bedhead designers, 

At Bed head Design we specialise in making high quality custom made bedroom furniture. We have been making complete bed bases for some time now to match our free standing fully upholstered bedheads. Our complete bed base can be viewed in our Waterloo showroom along with many other bed head designs, furniture and fabrics.
Hand crafted in Sydney using top quality premium dense foam padding the complete bed is a luxury high end designer piece. We can tweak our upholstered bed base to have different style legs and colours as well as adding an upholstered bed end too.
The complete bed base from Bedhead Design is designed to suit every bedhead we make. It can be co-ordinated with a custom end of bed stool or storage box to complete your bedroom.

Bedhead Design custom made headboard with complete bed base made to order in Sydney
Complete bed base upholstered in stain resistant heavy duty commercial fabric. Seen with round small black legs, available with any legs any height. Custom made in Sydney and designed to work with all our upholstered bedhead designs. 
Some of our bedheads are very unique like our Portia deep diamond buttoned bedhead with European beech hand carved frame, this is one of our most beautiful and expensive designs due to the ornate hand carved frame detail. The Portia a classic upholstered headboard that will never date. Also available with a rattan insert rather than upholstered with fabric. Some people love the rattan for a 'beachy' look or just something different. We can also custom paint the European beech wood frame with a custom painted finish that is hand painted by a professional artist. We can match your bedhead to any colour and create a unique finish that is individual specially made for you.
Deep diamond buttoned Portia upholstered bedhead seen above with a custom made bed base to match. 

Side profile of our Lord John wingback padded headboard with completed upholstered bedbase.  Seen here with single row of chrome studded detail and buttons on the front padded 

Bed head design specialise in making high quality bedroom furniture that lasts, made in sydney our bedheads and bed bases can be made to any specifications.
A very grand and beautiful bedhead design deserves a complete matching bed base. Many people tend to choose the valance option if they have an exsisting bed base however as clients visit our Waterloo Sydney showroom and see our complete bed base on the floor they 'have to have' it! It is such a neat and designer look to have your bed base match your custom made bedhead. 

Bedhead Design makes custom made padded bed heads, bedsides and now complete bed bases designer to match your custom headboard.
The Lord John wingback upholstered bed head looks very smart co ordinating with the complete bed with slats seen above. Both have been upholstered in 'Bravo' fabric which is stain resistant and hard wearing- ideal for bedheads. Available with any style of leg and teamed with any bedhead design the complete bed base is a stylish and quality piece of furniture.

The wingback upholstered headboard is a luxurious and elegant bedhead design custom made and upholstered in any fabric. Made to order at Bedhead Design Sydney
The Lord John Wingback bedhead is a very luxurious and comfortable Bedhead Design. It features a solid hardwood frame with winged sides which gives another layer of comfort to your headboard. The wings offer another layer of comfort providing extra support for those who like to prop themselves up in bed and read a book. The wings also protect you from draft at night. It is very good feng shui to keep as much energy in your body when you sleep and a bedhead provides a sheild to keep good energy in and recharge your body when you sleep.

The Bedhead Design complete bed base with slats can be made with any of our headboard designs and upholstered in the same fabric to create a uniform designer look.
The complete bed base is a solid hardwood frame upholstered in any fabric you like with any legs.  The base is strong and built to last. Pictured above with our Lord John Wingback bedhead with buttoned detail and chrome studs on the wings.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Our NEW Showroom

Bedhead Design new showroom!

Bedhead designers have been busy! We have just done a showroom re location just around the corner to Young Street- directly opposite the Hillsong Church and next door to all those yummy cafes such as ‘The French House’ and ‘The Old Mill’.
Come and visit us and enjoy the beautiful cafes right on our door step. We are also a few metres down the road from the PYD building which hosts the best in the business design showrooms such as – mother of pearl and country trader to name a few.

Bedhead Design showroom located in Waterloo. 
Bedhead Design  showroom is also a workroom for our two decorators Judy and Leify Porter. They can assist you in designing your own custom made piece of furniture or source you a piece of furniture from their catalogues. Visit us at Unit 2, 207-229 Young Street Waterloo for all your decorating services.

The Lord John wingback bed head can be seen displayed in our Waterloo showroom, complete with upholstered bed base to match. Upholstered in a stain resistant hardwearing fabric.
The Lord John Wingback upholstered bedhead with complete bed base to match is on display in our Waterloo showroom. Made to order with any bed head the complete bed base is a sleek and elegant bed base.

Our new showroom is a lovely sunny office which features 14 upholstered bedheads, 1 rattan bedhead, 1 complete bed base with slats, 3 end of bed boxes, stools and ottomans, some bedside tables, consoles, bedroom chairs and a large range of fabrics from all the leading fabric houses.
At bedhead design we not only specialise in beautiful custom bedheads we also make bedside tables, chest of draws, re upholstery, loose covers, all soft furnishings and curtains and blinds. We create from start to finish beautiful bedrooms!
Custom made furniture from padded headboards, to custom chairs, stools, ottomans and bedside tables Bedhead Design offers the complete decorating service. We have many fabrics on display from all the leading fabric houses.
Our Esquire custom chair seen here can be upholstered in any fabric and made to any measurements.  Our Lilly upholster bedhead with deep diamond buttoned detail can also be seen on display along with many other bedhead designs such as the Mirrabelle headboard, and the Rosemary both seen in the above image.

We have had a huge demand for curtains and blinds lately which is very refreshing as we saw the shutter craze over the past few years. Shutters are lovely but they don’t block out the sun completely, they are cold in winter, they do not block out sound and they are a little boring when compared to a beautiful curtain. Curtains dress a window in a way a shutter never could compete. It gives your home a warm, elegant and luxurious layer of detail. Curtains can become very expensive however in a bedroom we feel they are a necessity. Leify has just done a heavy Elliott Clarke Belgium linen curtain in her bedroom with a contrast chocolate brown bottom boarder- and boy do they look luxurious! We will post some pictures soon.
The Lilly padded headboard along with many other bed head designs can be seen such as the Mirrabelle bed head, the Rosemary loose cover headboard as well as the Esquire bedroom chair.
We still have some SALE padded bedheads left if you are looking for a good quality ready made bedhead at a special price.

We would love to welcome you all to visit our new showroom to talk bedheads, bedrooms, curtains, and everything to do with decorating your perfect home.

Open 10-4pm Tuesday to Saturday
Unit 2, 207- 229 Young Street Waterloo 2017

Hope see you soon!

Bedhead Design team 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lina European beech sleigh bed

Hi Bedhead Designers, 

Yesterday we shared a post about our complete upholstered bed bases designed to co ordinate with our custom made padded bedheads. We can make our custom made complete bed bases to match all our bedheads ever our more unique designs such as our Portia deep diamond buttoned bedhead with European beech hand carved frame. This is one of our most beautiful and expensive designs due to the ornate hand carved frame detail. The Portia a classic upholstered headboard that will never date. Also available with a rattan insert rather than upholstered with fabric. Some people love the rattan for a 'beachy' look or just something different. We can also custom paint the European beech wood frame with a custom painted finish that is hand painted by a professional artist. We can match your bedhead to any colour and create a unique finish that is individual specially made for you.

Our Portia deep diamond buttoned bedhead with complete bed base with a special painted finish. Hand carved European beech frame with wooden slats from Bedhead Design

The Portia deep diamond buttoned bedhead with complete bed base and matching end of bed stool.  Made to order and upholstered in any fabric. European beech wood frame with hand painted finish available polished or painted.

Coordinated end of bed stool custom made to match upholstered bedhead and complete bed from Bedhead Design
Custom made end of bed stool with deep diamond buttoned premium padded top and a black painted finish.

We also make a custom made sleigh bed as pictured below, complete with upholstered bedhead, sides and bed end. It is a classic and elegant bed that has been beautifully hand crafted. Featuring a hand carved European beech wood frame available polished or painted. The Lina sleigh bed pictured below in our Waterloo showroom is a show stopping piece of furniture that will last a lift time. Upholstered in a Westbury Belgium linen and polished frame the Lina wooden bedhead  gathers alot of attention. Its hard to see the quality of workmanship and high attention to detail from the images.

Our high quality hand carve European beech sleigh bed is a stunning and classic bed uphollstered in a Belgium linen from Bedhead Design Sydney
Lina complete upholstered bedhead with complete bed featuring upholstered sides and bed end. The Lina sleigh bed is a beautiful classic addition to any bedroom. Seen here with the matching European beech bedside tables also available from Bedhead Design.

Bedhead Designs complete sleigh bed with slats can be upholstered in any fabric.
The Lina sleigh bed as seen in our Waterloo showroom upholstered in Flax colour Belgium Linen.

Bedhead Design custom made bedheads and upholstered complete beds and sleigh beds
The upholstered headboard on the Lina sleigh bed features hand carved floral detail on the European beech frame. The bedhead can be deep diamond buttoned or just flat padding as seen in the image above. We use premium foam and the Lina sleigh bed is top quality.

Bedhead Design custom makes bedheads and complete beds made to order and upholstered in any fabric or with any painted finish on frame.
The Lina sleigh bed end has a beautiful hand carved frame and thick premium foam padding, it is slightly lower than the upholstered bedhead but looks the same with hand carved floral detail. 

Visit our Waterloo showroom to see our Lina sleigh bed as well as many other Bedhead Designs, bedsides, end of bed stools and much much more!

Hope to see you soon.

Leify Porter
Bedhead Design

Saturday, 3 May 2014

In the press

Good afternoon Bedhead Designers,

Some exciting new things have been happening at headquarters lately and we are so thrilled that so many stylists have been visiting our Waterloo showroom. We have new products coming in weekly featuring some of the most amazing fabric ranges one of our favourites being the new Elliott Clarke range which we will be displaying on a bedroom story shortly. This month we will also be introducing some fabulous new products made in Sydney and new to our range. I will be updating our products online shortly if you can't visit our showroom.

April and May we feature two of our Bedhead Designs in the lovely magazine Australian House and Garden. Such an honor to be included in such a highly regarded and popular magazine. We were also lucky enough to be seen in Home Beautiful Magazine where both our bedhead and end of bed stool were featured. I will post them shortly for you all to see.

The Rosemary custom made upholstered Bedhead Design looks fabulous in the April editon of the magazine. Upholstered in a lovely linen the padded bedhead is a design feature.
House and Garden April issue featuring one of our custom made Bedhead Designs.
The Rosemary upholstered headboard from Bedhead Design becomes a real feature in the magazine shoot, showcasing a lovely linen fabric the top quality bedhead design steals the show.
The Rosemary Bedhead Design showcasing a beautiful Chartreuse floral linen fabric. We love the soft colours used in the styling of this bedroom. Have your very own custom made bedhead just like our upholstered 'Rosemary' Bedhead Design.

The Lilly deep diamond buttoned Bedhead Design can be custom made in any fabric to any specifications, seen here upholstered in a lovely velvet. The Lilly padded bedhead is a luxurious Bedhead Design.
May edition of Australian House and Garden again featuring one of our custom made Bedhead Designs as a gift idea for Mothers Day. 

The Lovely Lilly deep diamond buttoned padded bedhead looks fabulous in this shoot. A full page shoot promoting lovely linen to go with an even more lovely custom made upholstered bedhead. The Lilly bedhead has been upholstered in Glamour Mouse fabric on this Lilly Bedhead Design, the fabric looks so beautiful on it as the velvet appearance catches the light and you get a beautiful vary in the fabric.

Friday, 11 April 2014

The Blue Room

Good morning Bedhead Designers,

Today we want to show you some beautiful images of a bedroom in Palm Beach we did for a client. Being a waterfront blue was the colour we went with, navy and white was fresh and suited the beachy but elegant feel of the house. We needed to compliment the carpet not fight with it so navy was a perfect colour option rather than an aqua or pale blue. Our client wanted to create a wow factor in their small guest bedroom, she wasn't afraid to use pattern and make the room a real statement. We had such fun putting it together and it looked stunning when it was finished.
Bedhead Design can make any bedroom item custom made to suit the bedroom.
Beautiful blue bedroom with coordinating patterned fabrics to create a layer of detail.
Adding a upholstered bedhead and co ordinating cushions makes a bedroom look tailored and designed.
Custom made end of bed stool, end of bed throw, bed valance, cushions and upholstered bedhead from Bedhead Design.
We started with an upholstered headboard then built around it, we chose the Iskia bedhead and made it 1300h so as it could fit under the window. We selected a gorgeous linen Westbury print for the padded headboard to make it a feature in the room. We used linen stripes for the blind and curtains to get a soft floey Ralph Lauren look. We decided to paint the wall behind the headboard navy blue to make it a feature in the room and help the beautiful bedhead fabric to stand out.
Westbury had a beautiful story to co ordinate with the padded bedhead fabric which made life easy and our client loved it all.  We introduced the co ordinating fabric on the custom end of bed stool, it was another linen fabric but this time with a more of a floral pattern as opposed to the geometric shape of the fabric used on the bed head. We carried the fabric into the custom cushions introducing euros, rectangular cushions and small decorative cushion.

Bedhead Design can custom made any bedroom furniture from padded bedheads to end of bed stools, cushions, curtains, valances, bedroom chairs and bedside tables.
Custom end of bed throw with navy trim to match bed valance with the same navy boarder. Also co ordinated withe the custom bed cushions and bedroom chair.
We also did an end of bed throw to match the bed head in the same fabric with a navy trim boarder. The bed valance was white with the same navy trim and more cushions were custom made to match. To finish the look we made a custom bedroom chair upholstered in white fabric with contrast blue piping the same fabrics as the bed valance and bed cushions.

It was a lovely job to do with a beautiful outside setting looking over the water. The room was not huge so it was a risk to add so much pattern, however the one colour being blue made it work and the layering of pattern was a lovely detailed look.
We hope you like 'the blue room' as much as we do.

The end of bed stool was the final finishing touch with made the bed look tailored and finished.
Custom made end of bed stool upholstered in the floral patterned Westbury linen fabric, to coordinate with the upholstered headboard.
The bedroom chair is a simple and pretty addition to the bedroom, it matches the bedhead, valance, cushions, throw and curtains in a very simple yet elegant way.
Custom painted and upholstered bedroom chair, painted to match antique chest of draws and upholstered in the same fabrics used on the bed valance and bed cushions as well as the blue trim on the end of bed throw. The chair has a lovely cushion to tie it back to the upholstered bed head and end of bed throw.

The bedroom creates a wow factor and is certainly not boring. The custom made bedhead is co ordinated with the whole bedroom creating a styled and elegant look.
The beautiful 'Blue room' is even more beautiful in person, it is great to see people are becoming more and more confident in using colour and pattern. Coordinating your bedhead with end of bed stool, valance and curtains achieves a very tailored and designed look in your bedroom.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Decorating your kids bedroom

Good Afternoon Bedhead Designers, 

Sorry for the lack of posts lately- here at headquarters we have been flat our with the Christmas rush starting already!!!!
If you are planning on placing a bedhead order now is the time as our cut off dates for the end of the year are creeping up fast! Can't even believe its almost a new year again! Bedhead Design website has now been up and running for 2 full years. And Judy Porter Interiors has been going for over 25 years!  Gosh how time flies, which brings us to our topic for today's blog, youth and childhood- feels like yesterday I was going off to school now I'm running a business and thinking of my own family. 

Growing up I was introduced to the interiors industry very early, I would come home from school to a beautiful antique sleigh bed then the next month my mother had re arranged and replaced my upholstered bed with another style of headboard and bed linen

I loved my forever changing bedroom and seeing such beautiful interiors growing up. Unfortunately now I see so many beautiful things I can never decide what I want in my own bedroom as there is just too many beautiful things to choose from I want it all.

I think ones childhood is a very important and special time. Your only get one childhood and I have always thought that a child should have a beautiful bedroom which feels safe, warm but above all fun which is what I grew up with! At Bedhead Design this is what we aim for!

Custom made bedhead and valance made to order at Bedhead Design. Removable loose cover.

I found this Hello Kitty kids bedroom image online- very quirky and cute! Great idea having a Kitty head shape for a bedhead!

In our Waterloo showroom we have the best selection of fun kids fabrics for boys and girls and just love putting together beautiful kids stories to suit each child's likes. 

We make Bedheads, fully upholstered or cane, valances, cushions, bedroom chairs and end of bed storage boxes- great for toy storage, all coordinating .
We paint toy boxes, tables and chairs all to coordinate with fabrics. Wall friezes, curtains, blinds our imagination is unlimited.
The Rosemary headboard is a beautiful bedhead design and can be made with a removable loose cover which is great for kids.The end of bed storage box with padded deep diamond buttoned top is a beautiful addition to any bedroom and is great for storage.

We always start with the bedhead as we do not think a bedroom is ever complete without one.
Upholstered Bedheads can be made with removable loose covers can be laundered easily. The pink gumboot bedhead pictured here is a loose cover bedhead we did for a little girls bedroom. You can even change the loose cover fabric as your child grows older and their taste changes.
Its such fun decorating a kids room specially when the child is involved and can give there one personal touch.

Bedhead Design