Saturday, 6 October 2012

Its all about Loose Covers

We now do bedheads with removable loose covers. These are great for grubby kids or for men who lean against the bedhead without a pillow & sometimes - heaven forbid- have greasy hair. We love our bedheads & want to keep them always looking perfect & pristine.

We make a fully upholstered bedhead and then make a removable "WASHABLE' loose cover.

Velcro is used on the back of the headboard making the loose cover very easy to remove.

Just whip it off wash it & put it back on.

The fabrics we use are pre shrunk so there is no problem there.
Upholstered bedhead with removable loose cover- ideal for kids bedheads.
Roemary bedhead pictured above with fully removabale loose cover.This upholsted bedhead comes with a custom made fully removableand washable loose cover.
This three seater sofa comes with a fully removable, fully washable linen loose cover. It looks fantastic and is so handy specially for children and pets.


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