Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Why upholster?

Why have a fully upholstered bedhead rather than a wooden one? 
Well, we loving all our upholstered bedheads have some reasons why...

A fully upholstered bedhead gives a firm and comfortable support to lean against.
A fully upholstered bedhead allows you to choose from the vast array of beautiful fabrics and colours.
If you love gardens it is a chance to choose a floral fabric for your bedhead.
Some people love stripes and checks for bedheads and these can look amazing in brights and neutrals as shown on our website in the Iskia.
The "boatie" people love yachts and nautical scenes.
The romantics love "toiles" in the soft tones.
We even make bedheads for the dog lovers with many different breds depicted. These bedheads are great fun!
Our most popular bedheads are uphostered in plain linens as these can go with any contrast cushions and bedlinen.

This lovely upholstered bedhead with removable loose cover is fun and bright it is a perfect example of how an upholstered bedhead allows you the oppertunity to express yourself through fabric designs and colours.

Whatever your taste we can manufacture a fully upholstered bedhead for you.  

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