Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Why Bedheads

Last month we posted a blog about why should people choose an upholstered bedhead over a wooden bedhead, so this month we would like to explain why it is people even have bedheads. What is there purpose in your bedroom, how do they complete the look and should you have one?
And the answer is - there are many reasons but we'll list just a few.

1. A fully upholstered bedhead gives you a soft support to lean against whilst relaxing in bed reading a book
2. A bedhead makes the bedroom look complete and elegant.
3. A bedhead can add colour and life to a room
4. A bedhead can give a canvas against which bright contrasting cushions can be placed.
5. A bedhead gives you a chance to co-ordinate with a matching valance.
6. There are so many different styles in bedheads from which to choose it is a chance to express your own taste and individuality.

We hope this small list gives you an incentive as to why you should have a bedhead, we could go on forever about the bonus's of a bedhead but we wont bore you with that today.

This bedroom is one of our happy clients who purchased the Portia upholstered bedhead.

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