Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Throw on a throw

With this crazy weather it's hard to know what bed covers you should have on your bed at night.  One day its stinking hot and you can't sleep for the horrible heat and stuffy air then the next day it's windy cold and rainy. So here  at Bedhead Design we suggest a nice little cashmere throw. It's the perfect option it can keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold and its very soft and luxurious.  We also love this loose knitted woolen throw, it looks devine draped over sofas and chairs and is so soft a snuggly.
Beautiful and warm perfect on your bed in summer or winter
Woollen knitted throw rug can be found online at www.bedheaddesign.com.au
We have our favourite colours of course but a lovely neutral coloured throw rug is our suggestion that way you can use it with any coloured sheets and even use it in your lounge room or draped on an armchair. It is a very handy accessories for your home and can look very lovely in lots of rooms in your home. You can buy the woolen throw online at www.bedheaddesign.com.au or at Judy Porter Interiors showroom in waterloo where we have lots of different colours on display.


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  2. During winters cashmere throw is loved by one and all. It is very handy and comfortable and look lovely in room.