Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Welcoming guest bedroom

Hello Bedhead Designers,

We all know when we have a guest come to stay we want our home looking perfect and we want to be house proud and showoff a little to our friends. Many of you may have had guests this summer tis the party season over Christmas and new year so next time you have a friend come to stay we have some guest bedroom makeover ideas and tips that may come in handy.

We think its important to make your guest as comfortable as possible and one tip is to you bright, vibrant and warm colours so as to create a cheerful atmosphere and an enjoyable stay. Adding a  splash of cheerful colour to make your guest feel happy and at home- no one wants to sleep in a boring dismal bedroom specially when they are visiting. Below is a great example  a bright lovely bedroom ideal for a guest.

Custom made headboard, valance, blind and cushions made by Bedhead design
Bright patterend fabrcis to brighten up a dull spare room, the padded upholstered bedhead, and cushions make this bed appear cosy and inviting. This small dark room was given new life to a bland bedroom.

To achieve a warm and welcoming  look we recommend adding lots of fun patterned fabrics and textures as it can add another layer of comfort to your guest bedroom. Most people focus their time and attention to their master bedroom and when it comes to the guest room it is dull and neglected. So we at Bedhead Design advise that using warm bright colours with patterned fabrics for your cushions and accessories can help you to achieve a warm welcoming and styled look for your guest bedroom. Always decorate the bed with lots of cushions so it looks inviting and comfortable.

Always ensure your guest is warm so place a nice throw rug or quilt at the end of the bed to add another layer of comfort. Accessorize with books and candles and bedside lamp nothing worse than waking up in an unknown house and stumbling around in the dark.

At Bedhead Design we not only make upholstered bedheads but we make custom cushions and bed valances to match. Co ordinating your bedhead to your cushions and bed linen looks great and makes the bedroom tie together and look properly decorated. Visit our website or our Waterloo showroom where we can help you match fabrics to compliment your bedroom, bedhead and bedroom scheme.


  1. Really nice idea of designing a guest room and i hope this is not only for guest rooms it is one of best idea of this year unique bedroom design ideas.