Saturday, 30 March 2013

100% Linen bedsheets- Can't live without them!

Happy Easter from Bedhead Design Team!

We hope you are enjoying your long weekend this Easter. Here at Bedhead Design headquarters at Waterloo we have taken the oppertunity to get on top of some of our orders and keep you updated with the exciting new things going on at Bedhead Design.

This week we introduced Linen bed sheets to our range of bedroom accessories. We are absolutely thrilled with our new range of linen bedsheets we now stock in our Waterloo showroom and will be adding to our website shortly. Many of you wont have experienced the luxury of 100% linen bedsheets - but once you have tried them you wont go back!

Complete your bedroom look with an upholstered headboard with luxury linen bedsheets.
The luxurious texture of linen bedsheets on your skin make you excited to hop into bed at night, an upholstered bedhead teamed with linen sheets will make you never want to get out of bed at all!!!

There's something magical and pure about natural linen sheets.The soft cocooning sensation of pure linen against the skin brings luxury into the bedroom and will  compliment you upholstered bedhead. Our new range of In the Sac 100% all natural linen, grown in Europe is the highest quality you can buy and we think is the finishing touch to any beautiful, comfortable and luxurious bedroom. Our luxury bed linen sheets combine symmetry of quality and comfort with simplicity of design. We are so excited about the new range and we know you will all love the quality and simplistic natural beauty of these sheets.

Buy you linen sheets and upholstered bedhead online or in our Waterloo showroom to view our entire range of Bedheads
Beautiful 100% linen sheets complete your luxious bedroom look and completement you upholstered headboard.
Our customers at Bedhead Design love our fully upholstered Linen bedheads its our most popular upholstery textile, so it only seems obvious to team your beautiful padded headboard with a set of luxurious linen sheets to complete the look and make you bedroom the most comfortable, cozy and welcoming room in you house. After all we spend alot of time in our beds and bedrooms so why not spoil ourselves and sleep with the best of the best.

So if your thinking about sleeping in pure linen for the first time, or you have already experienced the comfort that only quality linen can offer, then make your next sheet purchase direct from our Bedhead Design showroom in Waterloo or online at you can be assured your buying a premium quality linen product at a very reasonable price. We can ship anywhere in Australia.

To produce beautiful 100% linen sheets the process from harvest to bedroom must be carefully planned and controlled in every step.

At Bedhead Design we are obsessed with our new range of linen bedsheets they look stunning with a linen upholstered headboard.
Linen sheets are so easy to care for they are an easy luxury you cant live without and they complete your bedroom look with your matching linen upholstered bedhead.

The our exclusive supplier has a combined 40 years in the Australian textile industry and have used their experience, contacts and know how to produce a range of world class products for your bedroom and sleeping pleasure.  By creating these pure linens in different weights and textures and using knowledge of production and finishing, these 100% linen sheets are manufactured in the finest, softest finishes possible.
Yes it's safe to say that Bedhead Design is Linen sheet obsessed!!!
Order your set today from or send us an email and we will send you our range and prices.
You won't know what you have been missing out on till you have tried them or seen them for yourself in our showroom.
Have a lovely long weekend and Happy Easter from the Team at Bedhead Design.
We specialise in making custom made bedroom furniture and house hold items from re upholstery to curtains to cushions and upholstered bedheads.
Happy Easter from Bedhead Design, hope you like this cute easter inspired cushion we found!

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