Monday, 25 March 2013

Off to the Americas

Hi Bedhead Designers,.
Every Winter we decide it is time to add extra beautiful Bedhead Designs to our already vast collection. We find people are desperate for a new bedhead to add that extra layer of comfort and insulation for the winter months. Although Australia doesn't feel the cold too much in our winter months, nothing beats hoping into a warm snugly comfortable bed and propping yourself up against a nice padded headboard to read a book. So really it just comes down to choosing the right style and fabric for your bedroom.
In our showroom we have 25 styles of upholstered and wooden bedheads on the floor but there are so many variations available and so many gorgeous new fabrics to use. The Bedhead design team are putting their heads together and as always will come up with some great new products.
Judy is off to the Americas looking for new fabric trends and will be looking for inspiration from the Ancient civilisations of South America. What fun! We will post some of her inspiring travel images.
Patterned fabric used on padded bedhead made by Bedhead design, removable loose cover.
The Rosemary upholstered bedhead can be custom made in any fabric with a removable loose cover as shown in picture, We love atterend fabric like the one we have used on the rosemary headboard pictured with coordinating cushions.
We are so lucky having such a fabulous showroom because although we are an on line business people do like to see the quality and touch the fabrics and there are so many fabrics here in our Fabric Library. At bedhead design we pride ourselves on having the best quality upholstered and wooden bedheads available.
Below are some patterend fabrics on upholstered headboards that have inspired us :
The padded headboard is the main feature achieved with the size and shape of the bedhead and fabric it is upholstered in.
I just love this fabric! I dont know where it is from but the shape, colour and wall paint look stunning! I especially love the furry accessory! This orange animal print fabric looks very effective again beige/grey wall, the size and shape makes it the main feature of the room.

Teaming an upholstered headboard with valance can finish and brighten a dull bedroom.

Patterned yellow and brown fabric for upholstered bedhead and valance is very unique and beautiful. Matching the bedhead to the valance completes the look and brightens up a plain white bedroom- I found this image online and just was drawn to the use of colour. This bedroom is sure to brighten up anyones

Hope you like these inspiring images of fabrics you can use on your upholstered bedhead. There are so many fabrics and possibilities to explore so we encourage you to have some fun with your fabric's and design. Make your bedroom your beautiful

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