Monday, 29 April 2013

Finding your decorating confidence

Good Morning Bedhead Designers, 

Today I want to talk abour Decorating! Decorating is mostly about confidence, sometimes occasionally it’s about luck. Giving something a go and following your instincts is the key, even if your not sure you have to start somewhere just try not to get off track when you see a 'have to have' item which doesnt really go with what you were originally thinking.
A lot of people get put off when they dont know where to start and they never have to confidence to just start so they do nothing. Decorating can feel somewhat unachievable and unattainable especially in your own home- we as decoratiors find our own home the hardest- especially when we see so many beautful things and pieces you want them all. So our advise is to work out what you like and dont like in your home (start by room by room). Remove what you dont like any more and work with what you have, dont look at the room as a big picture but break it down to the basics e.g. your sofa, couple of chairs, upholstered Bedhead, bedside table maybe – now build around those items. Layer it up add decorative items that work well together. A great item is a floor rug - fantastic for warming up a cold boring space. We at Bedhead Design sell custom made rugs, hand knotted silk in any colour or design you can image and boy are they luxurious!  Rugs are great in the bedroom, they instanty cosy the room us and you can coordinate your rug to match your padded headboard. Another key item in decorating any room is to add cushions! Cushions are great as you can experiment with pattern and colour without blowing the budget and if you make a mistake take them to another room in the house and use them elsewhere and start again. I also love lighting I think it is very important when you want to set a mood in your home.

Another tip I read in a magazine is 'anything small that feels a little itty-bitty anchor it on a tray or platter'. Great idea ordered chaios- I like it!
I found this image online of this gorgeous chest of draws with fresh white square tray. It really lifts the dark wooden cabinet and looks great displaying items in the bedroom and in any room in your home.
Another great decorating tip is to add Art to the room, art can be scary and lots of us me included panic about art and what will or will not look good on our walls, my advise just do it! Trial and error pic a piece you love and experiement. As long as you like it you can make it work.  Art work adds instant personality to walls. The big trick is the hanging – if you want a casual vibe make sure they are not  hung in a row, if you want to make a feature wall do as we have in our showroom below- we did a dark feature wall with our white mirrabelle upholstered headboard and hung our african animal prints all over the wall to create a feature in the showroom. Many clients have been inspired in their own bedroom to create the same look.

White contrast bedhead fabric on a dark grey feature wall with safari animal prints hang all over create a wow factor in your bedroom.

Bookshelves and shelves are great too for decorating and storing oranments or books that need a place out of the way. Place your items on your bookshelf in no order so it is interesting and created a feature of your clutter.

Have fun with it and you will be surprised how much you like your space once you have made it yours. Especially in a bedroom, you need to be really comfortable and relaxed in your space. Afterall we end up spending most our time in our bedroom more than any other room as its where we sleep and wynd down. Having a comfortable bed and a beautiful upholstered headboard or wooden bedhead is the main thing once your have those then you can build around it with lamps, bedsides, rugs, linen, quilts, cushions, ornaments, art work and the list goes on!

Hight quality bedhead has been used as the centre piece and wall paper and cushions have been used to build around it.
Choosing a high quality bed and bedhead is important decorating the rest of you bedroom will be easier once you have something to start with. Start with your headboard fabric and colour then build around it. In this image the bedhead is the main feature and the wall paper and cushions have been built around it carrying on the colour scheme but adding pattern and textures which makes the room much more interesting.

Make sure you are really happy with your bed head and make sure it is really high quality then the rest will just come to you.

Hope these tips will help you and inspire you to make your home your happy place where you are proud to show it off!

Bedhead Design

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