Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Happy Client

Hello Bedhead Designers,

Just a short post to show you another happy clients upholstered headboard with matching bed valance and end of bed storage box! This client chose our very popular  Beachcomber colour Oatmeal linen fabric to upholster her bed head, valance and bed box. The Beachcomber fabrics are definatley our most popular upholstery fabric and the main reason is that they are completely stain restistant. They are called Halo fabrics as they have been specially treated to not mark or stain and have a very high commercial use rub count which means they are very durable and will last a long long time.
Beachcomber fabrics are fabulous for upholstery as they are hard wearing and sturdy and come with their own backing so if used for curtains or blinds they would not need to be backed as you would still get a lovely full look.
Our client has also bought one of our Judy Porter tall boy chest of draws done in a custom painted finish.  You can view a further range of chest of draws and bedsides tables on the Judy Porter website and all items can be done with your very own custom painted finish, done but a professional painted finish artist.

Including an end of bed box is great for smaller bedrooms that need the extra storage. As you can see from the images below the end of bed box has worked well in this bedroom and is great for putting on and taking off shoes.

We think the red carpet is such a bold statement and really brightens up the room. We helped our client to choose a fabric that would not clash with the carpet but co ordinate in a sutble way. Choosing a neutral colour was recommended as now they can change their bed covers and if they move house the Oatmeal colour upholstery will go with everything.  You can  view the whole range of Halo fabrics as well as the Beachcomber range that comes in lots of different colours on our website

We are so grateful for the positive feedback from our client she and her husband were thrilled and it makes our day being sent images of our clients bedrooms with their new Bedhead Design bed head, valance and bed box.

The Issabella head board looks great with matching bed valance and end of bed storage box all upholstered in Beachcomber fabric.
The Issabella style of upholstered bedhead looks fabulous with the co ordinating bed valance and end of bed storage box. A very neat look is achieved in a small bedroom.

The Issabella upholstered headboard is one of our most popular designs and looks great with a matching end of bed box and bed valance.
The Issabella bedhead has been upholstered in Beachcomber colour Oatmeal, which is a fully stain resistant fabric and perfect for bedhead upholstery.

Padded bedbox to match padded bedhead looks beatiful and really completes the look as well as adding a bed valacne to match.
Our custom made end of bed storage boxes are made to fit neatly at the end of your bed, providing extra storage and a nice seat to put on and take off your shoes. It is a lovely and useful bedroom accessory.

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