Saturday, 27 April 2013

Teacup Garden

Good morning Bedhead Designers!

I recently saw the most beautiful and innovative plant decor display and had to share it with you!
When I lived in the Southern Highlands (Moss Vale) we had a little cottage on our property that we lived in whilst we renovated the main house, it was a sweet little white cottage with a charming little garden in the back yard where there was previously just an ordinary plot of dirt and scraggly grass.
I didn’t plant a vegetable garden, but more of an English style plant garden with lots of pretty little ground covers, boxwoods, rocks, a little pond and pebbled pathway, and an arch covered in red and white roses.
I miss it SO MUCH. But while I haven’t yet done any landscaping here at my  house, I have been inspired but these charming little container and even vertical gardens!
I found this little example of a tea cup garden from the website. So cute and what great gift ideas.

I’m not a skilled gardener (very beginer) but after seeing these teacup gargens online I am now very willing to experiement and see if I can create my own plant creations. I see so many lovely teacups around especially in David Jones and T2 and have always wanted to start a collection of interesting tea cups. After seeing this image I am definately going to invest in some mugs and try to plant some succulents in them to create this look.

I found this little image of a tea cup garden on -they sell teacup gardens already done if you dont want to do it yourself.

Small plants seem alot easier to care for and add some fresh green colour to my home environment.

I will start with visiting a gardening shop to see what options there are for small, easily maintained plants to grow indoors. I went to flower power and they were very helpful. Now I just need some mugs and start my gardening adventure. Lets hope they work out cause they would make cute gifts too!

If you wanted to try this teacup plant design idea like me try them in your  bedroom as well, they are great if you need to brighten up the room with a hint of colour. Even coordinate them with your upholstered bedhead fabric or with you cushions or quilt. They are such a sweet little decorative item that would work well in any room in your home. Thankyou to the smart person who had this brilliant idea!

Here at Bedhead Design its not all about upholstered headboards or padded bedheads we love everything to do with decorating and design for your home. Being interior designers our selves we are always looking for new fun ways to brighten up a home and create beautiful interiors, although we specialise mainly in bedrooms we dont limit ourselves to just that.
Hope you like this cute idea as much as we do!

Bedhead Design Team


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