Monday, 22 April 2013

Wallpaper in your bedroom

Hello Bedhead Designers!

Wall paper in your bedroom is the topic of todays post, we are very into our wallpaper here at bedhead design. We think it adds subtle yet striking contrast as a feature wall in a ordinarily plain bedroom. An upholstered bedhead or padded headboard can be a very effective statement in any bedroom however it can look stunning up against a dark grey wallpaper or patterned feature wall.
Porter's paints do some lovely wall papers in stripes florals and their is a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from.

 The Portia bedhead upholstered in linen strip fabric and hand carved wooden frame is softened with the soft pale wall paper used behind as a feature wall.

We love using wall paper as a feature wall with our Bedhead Designs it really dresses a bedroom. Above is our gold bedroom lamp with Catherine Martin for Mokum peacock wallpaper.

 Our Jasmin padded headboard looks beautiful against this silver floral wallpaer coordinating with the custom bed cushions.

Bowie Wong wallpaper available at Porter's Paints down the road from Bedhead Design headquarters.

 A close friend of ours Bowie Wong who is a leading fashion designer with is own label has recently been invited to do his own range of wall papers now showing at Porter's Paints. Bowie hand draws his designs and has an amazing eye for detail. Bowie now works in Paris along side Ellie Saab. Below I have included an image of one of his stunning gowns from the runway as well as an example of his detailed wall paper design.
Another dramatic and beautiful wallpaper design by Bowie.

Bowie Wong runway gown, such stunning fabric and gorgeous design no wonder he is good at designing wallpapers!
Below are some inspiring interior images I have come accross with beautiful wallpaper. 

This black frame padded head board is co ordinated with the curtains and suround wallpaper to create a very dramatic and signature look.
The wallpaper compliments the upholstered headboard co ordinating the beige and black pattern with the fabric and black frame on the headboard and black bed valance.

Padded plain bedhead and valance is given new life with a floral blue feature wall.
We love the light and fresh wall paper used in this bedroom, achieving a very nature inspired fresh clean look. The neutral uholstered bedhead and valance is given life by the wallpaper feature wall behind matched with the light blue throw. The bedroom is balaced with the stark white walls, window frames and floor boards.

The deep diamond buttoning detailed on the upholstered headboard is very heavy but is balanced nicely but adding the soft blue and white floral tulip design wallpaper which gives a fresh softer look to the bedroom.
This image I found online features a chocolate brown padded headboard with its deep diamond buttoning detail and winged edges which is softend by the modern floral design of blue and white tulip wall paper. The upholstered bedhead and valance would look heavy in a plain bedroom however the wallpaper softens the look and is a lovely contrast to the brown fabric the bedhead is upholstered in.

The elegant bedhead is softened with the floral matching silver and black wallpaper. The deep diamond buttoning detail and large upholstered bedhead is softened with the wallpaper.
Another bedroom example I found online which creates a wow factor with beautiful wall paper and upholstered bedheads. Silver velvet upholsted head board looks very masculine and elegant against the black and silver floral wallpaper. The wallpaper softens the look of the large diamond buttoned bedhead and dark colour scheme. The floral design is a nice contrast and adds a little feminity to an overall masculine look.

The stripped padded bedhead in pale blue and beige is matched with the floral wallpaper it is a sheek and elegant look.
One of my favorite looks I've seen! Another beautiful bedroom I found online that has left an impact. The cool blue and beige upholstered bed head is clean and fresh and is complimented with the floral light blue on beige wallpaper. A very french look has been achieved with the silver wall light and silver mirror.

A very elegant and rich bedroom achieved by the dark wooden headboard, green and gold wall paper matched with gold lamps, bedside tables, curtains and bed linen.
This soft green and gold wallpaper design has been co ordinated with the curtains with fine gold detailed trim and a gold curtain rod. The dark wooden headboard is given a softer look and the lamps, bedsides and bed linen are all tied in to match and the room flows in a very elegant and rich way. 

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