Monday, 15 April 2013

What we have been up to...

Hello Bedhead Designs,

Sorry I have been a little busy the last two weeks that I have not had a chance to post. So here is a little post to let you know what we have been up to at Bedhead Design that is making us so busy.

Judy one of our Directors is currently travelling around South America drawing inspiration from textiles, South American furniture, markets and hotels she stays in. She is currently in Equador and she tells us it is so interesting she is loving it. Unfortunately there is alot of poverty and some people still walk around with their cows trying to sell fresh milk.
One thing she did tell me is the textiles over there are very beutiful and interesting- lots of bright colours and textures. We are hoping she will send some back to us so we can make an upholstered bedhead story in some South American fabrics or we may need to create our own inspired fabrics on headboards.
Upholstered bed head from Bedhead Design Sydney, custom made any size, shape or fabric.
We love bright patterned fabric like the fabric used on our Rosemary upholstered headboard.
Your padded bedhead doesn't have to be upholstered in a plain nuetral fabric although it is popular sometimes it is fun to do a bright patterned fabric and create a real statement.

While Judy travels the world we are holding the faught and are very busy taking orders, sending out and tying to re stock our showroom after a busy weekend where we sold 4 of our styles off the floor. Our showroom is a little naked but we will recieve a new delivery of floorstock upholstered bedheads and headboards for display in our Waterloo showroom tomorrow.

We have had a lot of clients lately wanting us to make them curtains in a co ordinating fabric to their new headboard. We love being able to do a whole bedroom from curtains to bed heads to cushions to bedsides we offer the whole package. And it seems their is a Autumn rush to get their curtain and bedhead orders in before the temperature drops. And we all know that an upholstered headboard add another layer of comfort and in some case warmth to a bedroom. Curtains are a must in most houses in the winter months, unless clients choose to do shutters which are a more modern clean look.

Achieve this beautiful bedroom look with a custom made bedhead like our Jasmin headboard with matching cushions and mirrored bedsides all from Bedhead Design
Jasmin upholster bed head from Bedhead Design
Be sure to pop into our Waterloo showroom in the next 2 weeks to see some of our new floor stock displays one we have been eagerly anticipating is the wingback bedhead which is the same shape as Carrie Bradshaw's from the Sex and the City movie.

The 'Lord John' wingback bedhead works well in fron of the white shutters that use to let cold air in this clients bedroom.  

I have posted some images I found on pinterest of bedrooms that may inspire you to redo your bedroom and create a beautiful space that is truly yours. We love the use of curtains behind the upholstered bedheads, maybe this could be an option in your bedroom?

Matching upholsted bed head with cushions, valance and curtains makes a very comfortable bedroom.
Adding an upholstered headboard with curtains in your bedroom adds another layer of comfort and warmth for the winter months.

Clients want curtains and padded headboards this winter in their bedroom.
I love this bedroom I cam across online-  Shutters or curtains it seems people cant get enough this Autumn, I dont blame people after seeing how beautiful this bedroom looks. Team your curtains or shutters with a  upholstered bedhead like the above images.

If you want to have an upholstered bedhead or have some custom curtains made after being inspired by these images visit the website below

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