Monday, 27 May 2013

Adventure to South America

Hello Bedhead Designers, 

I just wanted to follow on from my post I made a few weeks ago about Judy travelling to South America. She had the most amazign trip we loved hearing every detail and were very jealous of some of the amazing items she brought back with her- the jewellery, cushions, table cloths, rugs ...oh we were drooling!
Here is a short account of what she got up to.
"One month in South America. What an experience!
Being very much into colour design and fabrics there were some beautiful sights to be seen. In Chilli the Atacama desert and Salt Lakes were similar to how one would imagine the moon.
The fabrics we saw the local people wearing and in the markets were hand woven on traditional looms. The colours were incredibly bright using oranges reds and blacks. We attended a demonstration of how they make the dyes from nature still the same way they have for hundreds of years. The indigenous ladies carry wood, babies goods etc on their backs in these beautiful woven shawls. I bought one it is well over 100 years old and has been washed many times and the colours are still as vibrant as they were originally.
I could not resist buying the woven cushions in the markets of Machu Picchu. They look stunning on my white lounge.
I will definitely be covering some upholstered bedheads for bedheaddesign in some of the Inca inspired fabrics."
What a fantastic trip Judy had- next time we want to come too! Luckily we got to see the beautiful items she brought back. We will be working on some floor stock items that we will showcase in our Waterloo showroom. We will be doing a South American inspired upholstere headboard with matching european cushions and co ordinating bed valance. Come visit us in our showroom and enjoy the bright colour pattern fabrics that have been influence by Judy's travels to South America.

Bright colours and beautiful patterns is what I loved when I travelled to South America, I picked up some of these woven cushions in the markets of Machu Picchu, I love them on my sofa and on my bed just to brighten a room up.

Hand woven cushions in bright colours and patterns.

Such beautiful and interesting colours, patterns and beautiful hand woven detail we dont see such beautiful craftmanship anymore it a rare novely to see such lovely items.

Decorative throw/table cloth also looks stunning as an end of bed runner to bright up a neutral coloured upholstered bedhead.

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