Tuesday, 28 May 2013

NEW Bedhead Designs!

Hi Bedhead Designs,

This month we have some very new designs that have arrived in our showroom and we are very excited to show you them off. We have three new Bedhead Designs that will appear on our website. We are happy to announce the Ellie design of upholstered headboard made here in Sydney, another style of the Mirrabelle bedhead and wing back bedhead.

All are made in Sydney and can be made in any fabric and any size you like! We love that we can make all our designs suit our clients needs. We can tweak any of our designs to suit your bedroom or likes. That's the beauty of custom made! Not only is it nice that we can custom make all our designs we can also offer you the full decorating service of colour consultation, re upholstery, furniture restorations, loose covers, custom made chairs, sofas, dining tables and curtains and blinds all can be made to order!

Our new designs are made with high attention to detail the Ellie padded headboard has a outer piped boarder and features a inner bronze studded boarder and is padded in premium quality foam to get a lovely thick and luxurious look. The frame is made from solid hardwood so is very strong and will last a life time. We also did the Ellie with deep diamond buttoned detail much like our Lilly bedhead.

The Ellie padded headboard is beautiful with deep diamond buttoned detail.
Ellie bedhead design with deep diamond buttoned detail like the Lilly headboard. Custom made in Sydney to any size and in any fabric.
The Mirrabelle bedhead is the same as our current Mirrabelle upholstered headboard however it has been tweaked so as the squares are larger and there are less of them and less buttons. This is a very intricate and complicated design, it may look rather simple but requires a lot of work when making it. Each square must be cut and sewn perfectly to create a symmetrical look. Each square is individually sewn together to create the look of checks. It is similar to the Issabella that is the same square shape however slightly cheaper as it only have buttons it doesn't have the seamed squared detail.

Here are a sneak peak of our fabulous new designs!

Hope you like what you see.

The Ellie is upholstered in premium foam padding and it made from Australian solid hard wood. It is a beautiful design of Bedhead.
The Ellie Bedhead Design a simple shape with slight hump and rounded corners with outer edge piped boarder and inner bronze studded boarder. Available in different size and colour studded detail or without studs with simple seam or piping.

The Ellie is a very luxurious bedhead it adds a second layer of warmth and comfort to your bedroom. It is a very popular bedhead design.
Available any height and any size we make all our bedheads to order so the Ellie upholstered bedhead can be made in any fabric to our own specifications.

The Ellie headboard is soft and simple with a slight rounded hump and rounded corners it a lovely bedhead design suitable for most bedrooms.
At Bedhead Design we pride our self on providing the highest quality Australian made items. All our  Ellie bedhead is beautiful quality and has been  padded with premium foam padding to create another layer of comfort in your bedroom.
The Mirrabelle upholstered padded headboard is an elegant and simple modern design.
The Mirrabelle upholstered headboard  features four buttons across with two buttons down, this can be altered to suit every clients preference. We can make more squares or less and the buttons can be made deeper to create a more diamond buttoning effect.

The Mirrabelle upholstered bedhead is a very elegant and modern style of bedhead it features square seams and buttoning detail as well as piped edges.
The Mirrabelle Bedhead Design is a very simple shape yet detailed in construction, each square has been individually sewn together to get a very elegant and modern square pattern. We have previously made the Mirrabelle bedhead with lots of smaller squares and buttoned detail but thought we would try the larger squares and less buttons for a more simple looks.

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