Monday, 24 June 2013

De-clutttering your wardrobe

Hi Bedhead Designers,

Today I want to talk about de-cluttering your wardrobe which can help in making your bedroom a stress free haven. I dont know about you but having a messy wardrobe and messy bedroom gives me stress! Yes it is a daunting and un-interesting chore but you can actually get some enjoyment out of it. The process of de-cluttering and organising and throwing out un-wanted, un-worn items has been known as a stress relief. We have all heard the saying 'cleaning out my closet' which means getting rid of the mess in your life. So today I am quite literally 'cleaning out my closet' with some inspiring walk in wardrobes pictured below to help the process. And yes I know we cant all have a massive,  colour co ordinated walk in like the one pictured below- but at least we can try make the most of what we have got!
It is important not to sleep in a bedroom full of mess and clutter and that doesnt excuse your dressing room. Being neat can aid in stress release and help you sleep better.
Cleaning out your cupboards and closet can help to relieve stress and aid your sleep, clutter can cause stress and no one wants that! A good quality upholstered bedhead and nice bedlinen can also help but not if your room is a mess. Dream walk-in pictured above!
So I am starting off with an "everything must come out" sort of attitude!

When re doing your bedroom start with a new good quality bedhead then build from there ending with your closet.
Create a clean living environment and watch how much happier you will be when you go home to your beautiful bedroom, bed head and closet!

Here are a few helpful steps on where to start on your wardrobe -
1. select every thing you no longer wear, your sick of, or doesnt fit you properly. Put it in two bags, one to go directly to charity the second is for things you are not sure about. If you dont look at them for  12 months then get rid of them!
 2. pull out everything that needs dry cleaning or altering.
3 put away all winter coats and bulky items in vacuum bags or plastic containers, until you need them again.
4. Shoe racks or plastic shoe boxes (you can get from kmart, target or aldi) this gets rid of shoe clutter, you can view your shoes clearly.
5.Invest in draw dividers- they have changed my life! They are fabulous for scarves, belts and smalls to help keep things in order and easy to find.

Now that should keep me busy.....And you.

Try not to make it a chore and have fun doing it!

from Bedhead Design

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