Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pretty in pink!

Good morning Bedhead Designers,

I would like to talk about the colour Pink today- Cause I am seeing it everywhere!!!!
Theres just something about pink these days, I know its on trend but I am surprised how often I am seeing it and how many of my clients are willing to dare to use it in their homes and bedrooms- even husbands are not objecting! I keep seeing different shades of light pale pink to hot pink and I must say we are loving it here at Bedhead Design. So often people tend to play it safe in their bedroom and homes but at the moment I cant say thats entirely true. We did a hot pink story on our Waterloo showroom floor with a silk upholstered bedhead with hot pink embroidered floral fabric and co ordinating cushions with another hot pink floral and then we finished the look with a deep diamond buttoned end of bed storage box in hot pink! It looks fabulous and out of all our bedroom stories on the showroom floor people are drawn the the hot pink the most!
Below I have posted some inspiring pink bedroom images I found online that may inspire you to have a little fun with your padded headboard, cushions, valance, end of bed box or wall colour.

The simple shape of the cartia padded headboard looks feminine and pretty in this pink bedroom.
Soft pale pink walls coordinated with pale pink bedhead similar to our Cartia style of upholstered bedhead with a grey trim- I just love grey and pink together, kind of wish they used more of it in this image to add a little bit of contast and drama to the very pale colour palette.

The calm pale colours of white and pink make this bedroom look very clean, calm and feminine.
I love this bedroom it looks clean and fresh it have pale pink curtains and a matching pink bed canopy with end of bed throw. It is a very feminine room but quite effective.

White and pale pink have been used in this bedroom to create a soft, calm and feminine look in this bedroom.
This bedroom does not have a bedhead! Shock horror! Sometimes when there is a window behind the bed it is hard to have one but its very bad fung sheui to sleep under a window without a good quality headboard. When you sleep all your good energy will go out the window and you will wake up weak. I do love the embroidered bedlinen and scolluped pink floral blind.

This bedroom has white blinds with an elegant pink trim boarder which matcheds the checked fabric on the bedroom chair.
I love blinds with boarders and I think this pink boarder makes this room look very smart. Coordinated with a check bedroom chair it is not over the top but to me I get the idea it is a kids room with out it being over the top- mind you very neat for a kids bedroom.
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The pink chairs are balanced with blue cushions making it not look to prissy and girly.
I love this living room design-I wish I knew who the designer was. I think the subtle use of pink on the two chairs and throw cushion son the couch looks beautiful. The room is overall white with white wallks and carpet so the use of colour looks great and lifts the room. The pink is balanced perfectly with the dark blue cushions and curtain trims. The room is not too feminine or masculine it is a perfect balance. Love it!

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