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Where to start when Decorating

Good Morning Bedhead Designers,

Today I want to talk a little about decorating your home starting with your bedroom. I get asked all the time 'where do I start when re decorating my bedroom' and it is a daunting process. With all our clients we like to do a plan and do every room in stages. For example we work out which room in the house needs some love the most and start from there. Whether it be a sofa that needs re upholstering or new curtains/blinds we do it step by step that way we don't make any mistakes and its all carefully planned so the finished result flows and co ordinates and is a cost effective way of decorating. Often clients go out and impulse buy, they end up seeing a 'have to have' item and they buy it bring it home and it doesn't go with anything they already own and this can make a room look messy, mismatched and can mean having to replace other items of furniture that didn't need to be replaced.
So in the bedroom we always advise our clients to pick a colour scheme and start with their wall paint. Once the colour is on the wall the most important item is the Bedhead. Once you have your wooden or upholstered bedhead you can built around it, co ordinate your carpet, bedsides, curtains or blinds, cushions and bed linen.
Made in Sydney any size, shape or fabric our bedheads and end of bed stools are premium quality. We also make curtains, blinds, bed throws, valances, quilts and cushions.
Some clients love pattern and colour in their bedroom where others prefer plain fabrics and neutral colours whatever your taste maybe we can create a haven specially suited to you.
 And everything will fall into place. Quite often with our clients we like to start in the bedroom - its where we all spend the majority of our time and to go home to a lovely bedroom at night and wake up to a lovely bedroom can improve your mood. Once the bedroom is complete move onto the living room (the next room used most in your home) and go from there. We believe your sofa is a good starting piece to build around.

Coordinate your blinds, valance, cushions and bed throw with your upholstered headboard can create a tailored and flowing look in your bedroom when decorating.
The Iskia Bedhead Design used in this guest bedroom is the feature displaying the beautiful Unique toile fabric in a lime green- a daring design for some but the colour and patter worked beautifully in this bedroom bring the lovely garden into the bedroom. Everything has been coordinated to create a flowing and calm feel.
Hope these tips help you when decorating your bedroom and home, and we as decorators at Judy Porter Interiors - Bedhead Design are always happy to help give our advise and share our knowledge to you. So pop into our showroom or send us an email and we would be happy to help.

Below is some inspiration we have come across that may help you when decorating your bedroom...

Have your bedhead upholstered in any fabric with any detail lke studding, piping, buttoning or even a wooden painted frame.
I love this modern bedhead  in an image a client showed us a few weeks ago, it is the feature in the bedroom with its height and bright blue fabric. The wall paper although not the same blue as on the upholstered headboard works well creating a soft feminine look. The floral on the bedspread coordinated with the wall paper ties the whole look together creating a beautiful and serene bedroom.  

This bedroom has been co ordinated to get a flowing matching look, with the upholstered bedhead, bed valance, cushions, chair and bed linen all in the same fabric.
The bedhead design used in this European hotel bedroom is the same as our Cartia shape and it has been coordinated with the wall colour, the fabric on the bedroom chair, valance, cushions and bed linen it is all tied in together to create a very matching look. 

Happy decorating !

Leify Porter 
Bedhead Design

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