Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bedroom stories

Good afternoon Bedhead Designers

Today we have been putting together bedroom stories and thought we should share some of our helpful hints on how to do it and where to start.

Putting a story together for your bedroom can be tricky but can also be very fun once you have direction, so we suggest start with your colour scheme. Choose your colour scheme first this helps to build your colour palette. Whether it is neutral and simple tones or the bold brights or simple pastels.
Next choose your upholstered bedhead style. This means the shape and design you like. Once you know the shape it will help determine your fabric, if it is a plain bedhead shape you can use a floral or patterned fabric where as if it is a deep diamond buttoned bedhead design we suggest using a plain fabric to avoid your headboard looking too busy. The focal point of a bedroom is always the bedhead so choose wisely and follow your instincts. Choose something that you wont get sick of and with will make you happy and calm when you finish your day and come home to your bedhead.

The Ellie padded headboard is a perfect upholstered bedhead to showcase a patterned and colour fabric. Coordinating bed cushions and bed valance help to complete to overall bedroom story.
The simple upholstered bedhead shape looks great upholstered in the floral coloured fabric, it is a beautiful design perfect to showcase any patterned fabric. The bed valance and bed cushions have all been coordinated to match the colours of the bedhead fabric

Next, we usually we do the valance in the same fabric as the uupholstered bed head and then do cushions in coordinating fabrics.
The next step is choose a bedroom chair. Every bedroom needs a chair. Just something simple to sit on when you put on your shoes or to throw your clothes over when you can't be bothered hanging them!
Usually the chair is upholstered to match the cushions and therefore it completes the story. Other bedroom furniture such as bedside tables, lamps and chests of draws help compliment the bedroom story if you choose the right items.

It is important to choose a chair that will compliment the fabric used on your upholstered bedhead, these chairs mirror the same fabric used on the padded headboard and complete the look.
Finding the right bedroom chair to coordinate with your bedhead and bedroom story is important and a handy little item to put things on and sit and read a book. Pictured above the red colour used in the floral bedhead fabric has been mirrored on the chairs making them a lovely rich statement to the room. They are not over powering as it is a large room and the carpet is dark and the walls quite bland. The two wing back chairs lift the room and give it a cosy feel. Have the same chairs custom made to suite your bedroom from Judy Porter Interiors

The bedroom story in the images shown are for a country home in Orange, the colours have been used to match the greenery outside the windows and add a little colour in a sometime dark room. Below the bedside tables and chest of draws have been custom painted to match the bedroom story, they are slightly aged and distressed to keep with the classic style of the room. Subtle painted detail of pale green have been brought into the bedside tables and chest of draws painted finished to tie in with the greenery used in the fabrics, the pale green in the carpet and the view outdoors through the windows. Subtle detail can go a long way and help all bedroom items to flow smoothly and tie in together.

A chest of draws in the bedroom is often an essential bedroom item when closet space is not available. This hand carved chest of draws blends into the room with its custom painted finish, small amounts of green painted detail have been incorporated to blend in with the carpet. The chest of draws matches the bedside tables and goes nicely with the colours used on the bed head fabric.

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