Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Velvet Love

Hello Bed head Designers,

At head office today we have become a tad obsessed with VELVET! Yes we are shouting and getting very excited about this fabric and its texture and how beautiful it looks on our bed heads and headboards. Velvet within the design industry is experiencing a huge resurgence. There is nothing more luxurious than the feel and sheen of velvet- especially on a bedhead.
Bedhead design is using the most beautiful velvets ever created in so many amazing colours.
They are heavy duty commercial yet as soft as soft. Our velvets are treated for stain resistance and therefore ideal for bedheads. No more worrying about stains from greasy heads, children's sticky fingers or rubbing. Our velvets are heavy commercial with thousand of high rub counts making them very durable and like all our bed heads will last for a very long time.
At Bedhead Design we are all about high quality and we wont settle for anything less. Our bedheads are made to last and we feel an upholstered headboard and the fabric it is upholstered in should reflect the same quality.
Velvet probably is the best fabric for bedheads as it reflects the light and gives a rich luxurious look.
It is easy to do any bed linen with a plain velvet and the add the extra interest with colourful cushions. Cushions for Summer and cushions for Winter.
visit Bedhead design showroom and discover Velvet.

The henley padded bedhead looks great upholstered in velvet fabric as the light hits the rolled edges of the headboard defining its elegant shape.
The Henley padded bedhead have been upholstered in gold velvet. It looks so elegant and luxurious and is a very neutral coloured fabric so it will match most bedroom colour schemes. The rolled boarder picks up on the light and the shape is defined by the light touching the velvet fabric.

The Portia deep diamond buttoned headboard deserves a top quality fabric to upholster it in and reflect the same quality. Velvet acentuates the buttoned detail and the rich luster gives the bedhead a second layer of comfort.
The Portia deep diamond buttoned bedhead is a very sophisticated bedhead design. The deep diamond buttoning detail is accentuated by the beautiful velvet upholstery fabric as it give a subtle shine and picks up the light giving it a rich luster.

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