Monday, 2 September 2013

The Wingback Bedhead

Goodafternoon Bedhead Designers, 

Today we are all about 'The Wingback Bedhead' which has become one of our favourite designs. The wingback Bedhead Design can be made from any of our exsisting bedhead designs just add a padded wing arm to create a wingack design. You can choose the size of wing you want and add further detail with piping or studs. The wingback headboard was based on the famous wingback armchair, a classic style that has been around for years. It is a very luxurious and comfortable design of headboard and is also very sort after especially in the winter months when people are looking for that extra warmth and installation in their bedrooms.

The 'Lord John' wingback bedhead picture above and below has pewter studs and is the same design as our 'Issabella' bedhead with buttoned detail. Her we have upholstered it in the fabulous stain resistant Glamour fabric which is ideal for upholstery due to its hard wearing commercial qualities.

Not many people know but it is unhealthy to have a draft or cold breeze near your face when sleeping. When you sleep your body is energising and all your warmth is lost from your head so your body is having to work hard to keep itself warm, which can often affect the quality of your sleep.
The Chloe headboard is for those who love to read in bed and those who like to feel warm and cosy. The winged sides block out all drafts around your head when you sleep.

We call this design of wingback bedhead the Chloe wingback bedhead design, it looks fabulous in patterned fabrics just like this Unique Toile. The Chloe wingback is based on the 'Iskia' bedhead design just with added wings. Have the same bedhead made to order from Bedhead Design, custom made in Sydney. The Chloe wingback bedhead always looks great with European pillows and display cushions to give a really luxurious look to your bed and compliment your upholstered headboard.

The wings block out any breeze when you are sleeping with is important for your health. It is a very comfortable upholstere headboard design.The wingback bedhead is a great design to showcase a patterned or textured fabric. I looks stunning in toile anf floral fabrics.
The wingback is great for sitting up in bed and rest your head comfortably against the sides and ideal for those who like to read in bed. We were originally inspired by the famous Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex in the City movie. People still love this design and it looks great in many different fabrics and details with deep diamond buttoning, contrast piping, trim and studs.

It is a very popular and comfortable design of padded bedhead. A strong and elegant investment piece to have.

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