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Good morning Bedhead Designers, 

I'd like to share with you today our new obsession here at Bedhead Design head quarters! We are totally obsessed with cushions at the moment, in lots of different shapes, sizes and in different textures, patterns and colours! We just think they make your upholstered bed head and bed look all mushy and snugly and really inviting. They dress your bedroom!

Coordinate your end of bed storage box to match your upholstered bedhead, made to order you can have your box any size, shape and in any fabric, with or without buttons, piping or studs.

Our end of bed storage boxes are made to order any style, height and fabric. You can have a plain padded top lid or with buttons and any features such as piping or studs.

Now, as much as we love our decorative cushions and our bedhead looks divine coordinated with lots of cushions there is the pain of putting them on and taking them off each morning and night. We are not the only ones who find the process annoying and time consuming, but really its a small thing to have to do to make your bedroom look beautiful and inviting! So we have thought of a way to make the process a little more simple by creating the end of bed storage box or stool. 
Deep diamond buttoned end of bed storage box, ideal for storing decorative cushions and bed linen to prevent them being thrown on the floor and getting dirty. A beautiful and useful bedroom item.
You don't want all your gorgeous cushions thrown on the floor  so an end of bed storage box is the perfect solution!!!

Now that we have the storage of your cushions sorted we can enjoy the fun of choosing fabrics and different shapes sizes and custom options there are. The good thing about cushions is you can choose an expensive and delicate fabric that you wouldn't use on your padded headboard and use it for cushions. This way you can introduce pattern and colour and keep your bedhead fabric a neutral and hard wearing, heavy duty fabric and keep the expensive and delicate fabrics for your cushions.

Our client below chose a very gorgeous silk embroidered Westbury fabric she had to have but new it would be ruined being silk on a bedhead it would mark and wouldn't last long in the sunlight- not the mention the price per metre so she used it for display cushions and achieved a beautiful, luxurious and elegant look with simply adding her cushion. And if she ever gets sick of them her neutral coloured bedhead can remain the same but she can give her bedroom a face lift but just changing her decorative cushions.

Get a styled look when adding lots of different bedroom display cushions with your upholstered headboard.
Silk embroidered decorative cushions teamed with fully upholstered padded headboard gives this bedroom a very elegant look. The 'Jasmin' Panelled upholstered bedhead is such a elegant and quite masculine bedhead design but when co ordinated with pretty floral silver cushions the look is softened  and a very sheek sophisticated look is achieved.
The Jasmin upholstered bedhead shown above has been upholstered in a plain fabric letting the panelled design do the talking and be the feature of the bedroom, to dress it up different size and patterned fabrics have been used to add extra attention to detail and give the bed a styled and elegant look. 

There are many options when it comes to cushions. There are different shapes, sizes, piping, boarders, bolstered, flanges, tassel's, trims, walls, contrast boarders, buttons and the list goes on!

Walled unpiped cushions look great not only on beds but on sofas and chairs. Made to order any size or shape bed creative with your display cushions.

Custom made cushions to match your upholstered bedhead give your bedroom a styled and designer look. Be creative with your cushions to add personality to your bedroom.
Round bolster cushions and contrast backing fabrics is a nice way to introduce more than one fabric and texture to your bedroom. Contrast backing cushions is also a great way to give your bedroom a new look by reversing the display cushions from time to time and showing another colour and textured fabric. 

Contrast piped cushions with buttoned detail look great, especially on this yacht we decorated. We were able to add colour, detail and another layer of comfort to the bed and created a fun and nautical feel to the bedroom which featured a wooden bedhead.

Extra attention to detail is added with the ruffled white trim  on the cushions as well as the contrast blue boarder on the euros. Looks great and really dresses the bedroom. You cant see from this image but the bed valance has been co ordinated to match the blue boarder on the cushions and it looks fab!

Decorating your bedroom can be very simple with a little bit of pattern and colour added in your bed cushions, give your bedroom and upholstered headboard a new look with different decorative cushions.
Beautiful custom made cushions made to match upholstered padded wall. The contrast board on the cushions gives the cushions a boarder bringing more of that lovely blue into the bedroom.

Get creative with your cushions and remember they are not a huge expensive if you get sick of them and want change the colour scheme, some of our clients have their winter and summer bedroom linen and cushions.

Happy decorating!

Bedhead Design

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