Friday, 11 April 2014

The Blue Room

Good morning Bedhead Designers,

Today we want to show you some beautiful images of a bedroom in Palm Beach we did for a client. Being a waterfront blue was the colour we went with, navy and white was fresh and suited the beachy but elegant feel of the house. We needed to compliment the carpet not fight with it so navy was a perfect colour option rather than an aqua or pale blue. Our client wanted to create a wow factor in their small guest bedroom, she wasn't afraid to use pattern and make the room a real statement. We had such fun putting it together and it looked stunning when it was finished.
Bedhead Design can make any bedroom item custom made to suit the bedroom.
Beautiful blue bedroom with coordinating patterned fabrics to create a layer of detail.
Adding a upholstered bedhead and co ordinating cushions makes a bedroom look tailored and designed.
Custom made end of bed stool, end of bed throw, bed valance, cushions and upholstered bedhead from Bedhead Design.
We started with an upholstered headboard then built around it, we chose the Iskia bedhead and made it 1300h so as it could fit under the window. We selected a gorgeous linen Westbury print for the padded headboard to make it a feature in the room. We used linen stripes for the blind and curtains to get a soft floey Ralph Lauren look. We decided to paint the wall behind the headboard navy blue to make it a feature in the room and help the beautiful bedhead fabric to stand out.
Westbury had a beautiful story to co ordinate with the padded bedhead fabric which made life easy and our client loved it all.  We introduced the co ordinating fabric on the custom end of bed stool, it was another linen fabric but this time with a more of a floral pattern as opposed to the geometric shape of the fabric used on the bed head. We carried the fabric into the custom cushions introducing euros, rectangular cushions and small decorative cushion.

Bedhead Design can custom made any bedroom furniture from padded bedheads to end of bed stools, cushions, curtains, valances, bedroom chairs and bedside tables.
Custom end of bed throw with navy trim to match bed valance with the same navy boarder. Also co ordinated withe the custom bed cushions and bedroom chair.
We also did an end of bed throw to match the bed head in the same fabric with a navy trim boarder. The bed valance was white with the same navy trim and more cushions were custom made to match. To finish the look we made a custom bedroom chair upholstered in white fabric with contrast blue piping the same fabrics as the bed valance and bed cushions.

It was a lovely job to do with a beautiful outside setting looking over the water. The room was not huge so it was a risk to add so much pattern, however the one colour being blue made it work and the layering of pattern was a lovely detailed look.
We hope you like 'the blue room' as much as we do.

The end of bed stool was the final finishing touch with made the bed look tailored and finished.
Custom made end of bed stool upholstered in the floral patterned Westbury linen fabric, to coordinate with the upholstered headboard.
The bedroom chair is a simple and pretty addition to the bedroom, it matches the bedhead, valance, cushions, throw and curtains in a very simple yet elegant way.
Custom painted and upholstered bedroom chair, painted to match antique chest of draws and upholstered in the same fabrics used on the bed valance and bed cushions as well as the blue trim on the end of bed throw. The chair has a lovely cushion to tie it back to the upholstered bed head and end of bed throw.

The bedroom creates a wow factor and is certainly not boring. The custom made bedhead is co ordinated with the whole bedroom creating a styled and elegant look.
The beautiful 'Blue room' is even more beautiful in person, it is great to see people are becoming more and more confident in using colour and pattern. Coordinating your bedhead with end of bed stool, valance and curtains achieves a very tailored and designed look in your bedroom.

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