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Good afternoon bedhead designers, 

At Bed head Design we specialise in making high quality custom made bedroom furniture. We have been making complete bed bases for some time now to match our free standing fully upholstered bedheads. Our complete bed base can be viewed in our Waterloo showroom along with many other bed head designs, furniture and fabrics.
Hand crafted in Sydney using top quality premium dense foam padding the complete bed is a luxury high end designer piece. We can tweak our upholstered bed base to have different style legs and colours as well as adding an upholstered bed end too.
The complete bed base from Bedhead Design is designed to suit every bedhead we make. It can be co-ordinated with a custom end of bed stool or storage box to complete your bedroom.

Bedhead Design custom made headboard with complete bed base made to order in Sydney
Complete bed base upholstered in stain resistant heavy duty commercial fabric. Seen with round small black legs, available with any legs any height. Custom made in Sydney and designed to work with all our upholstered bedhead designs. 
Some of our bedheads are very unique like our Portia deep diamond buttoned bedhead with European beech hand carved frame, this is one of our most beautiful and expensive designs due to the ornate hand carved frame detail. The Portia a classic upholstered headboard that will never date. Also available with a rattan insert rather than upholstered with fabric. Some people love the rattan for a 'beachy' look or just something different. We can also custom paint the European beech wood frame with a custom painted finish that is hand painted by a professional artist. We can match your bedhead to any colour and create a unique finish that is individual specially made for you.
Deep diamond buttoned Portia upholstered bedhead seen above with a custom made bed base to match. 

Side profile of our Lord John wingback padded headboard with completed upholstered bedbase.  Seen here with single row of chrome studded detail and buttons on the front padded 

Bed head design specialise in making high quality bedroom furniture that lasts, made in sydney our bedheads and bed bases can be made to any specifications.
A very grand and beautiful bedhead design deserves a complete matching bed base. Many people tend to choose the valance option if they have an exsisting bed base however as clients visit our Waterloo Sydney showroom and see our complete bed base on the floor they 'have to have' it! It is such a neat and designer look to have your bed base match your custom made bedhead. 

Bedhead Design makes custom made padded bed heads, bedsides and now complete bed bases designer to match your custom headboard.
The Lord John wingback upholstered bed head looks very smart co ordinating with the complete bed with slats seen above. Both have been upholstered in 'Bravo' fabric which is stain resistant and hard wearing- ideal for bedheads. Available with any style of leg and teamed with any bedhead design the complete bed base is a stylish and quality piece of furniture.

The wingback upholstered headboard is a luxurious and elegant bedhead design custom made and upholstered in any fabric. Made to order at Bedhead Design Sydney
The Lord John Wingback bedhead is a very luxurious and comfortable Bedhead Design. It features a solid hardwood frame with winged sides which gives another layer of comfort to your headboard. The wings offer another layer of comfort providing extra support for those who like to prop themselves up in bed and read a book. The wings also protect you from draft at night. It is very good feng shui to keep as much energy in your body when you sleep and a bedhead provides a sheild to keep good energy in and recharge your body when you sleep.

The Bedhead Design complete bed base with slats can be made with any of our headboard designs and upholstered in the same fabric to create a uniform designer look.
The complete bed base is a solid hardwood frame upholstered in any fabric you like with any legs.  The base is strong and built to last. Pictured above with our Lord John Wingback bedhead with buttoned detail and chrome studs on the wings.

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